"In the spring of 2017, my then fiancee and I engaged Martyn Balsky of Freeman Realty, to assess our home at the beginning stage of putting it on the market for sale.Having had various experiences with previous agents, we were looking for an agent with a professional demeanor and a healthy balance of persistence and integrity.

After meeting with Martyn we were confident that he had the know-how and experience to do the best job possible.

He was reliable and professional and referred to us excellent companies that aided in the sale of our home.

Our home was approximately 35 years old and mostly unaltered from its original state. Martyn therefore suggested several low-cost improvements to the home, such as painting and light alterations that would display the home in the most optimal fashion.

Furthermore, he suggested we stage the home (even though the home was completely furnished). We were hesitant at first to add to the cost of the service, but were completely surprised - and elated - by the transformation that the staging brought to the home - we are certain this move ultimately led to a successful sale were we had multiple offers.

Martyn is also a hands-on person, a quality that is in dire need when preparing a home; he even offered to lend a hand and we appreciated his ability to understand the "big picture" while never overlooking the small details.

His thoroughness and negotiation skills allowed us to maximize the value of our home and he was also able to secure us with a new residence (off market) in a very tight marketplace.

Naomi and I wholeheartedly endorse his services and his company for their competency, professionalism and trustworthiness"

Brian Moskowitz and Naomi Levine

"Martyn helped me locate a condo in a very tight market. He was able to advise me of some very important issues that should be reflected in the selling price of the unit and I was able to get a better deal during negotiations because of his lengthy experience and knowledge of condo agreements.

He is a hands on consultant who was able to help me source all of the many services I required to make the move.

I highly recommend his services if you are looking for a sharp and thorough agent"

Paul M. Toronto

"I used Martyn to sell my large downtown penthouse condominium. It was apparent from the beginning the he was capable and patient enough to explain to me all my options. My home was in original condition and I thought that the decor was good and the furniture suitable for selling. He suggested we stage the home and paint the interior to obtain the best possible result. I was initially reluctant to spend the money but he agreed to bring someone in to explain to me the process and benefits.

Martyn recommended a good staging company and they convinced me to paint the home a more neutral colour and stage with appropriate furniture that would appeal to a wider range of buyers. The cost of painting and staging was not inexpensive but we ending up getting a record for the building for this type of suite. I do not think we would have realized the same amount without his direction and insistence on the staging.

I am so glad to have had such helpful representation in both the preparation and selling of our home.He oversaw all the details and made the process stress free for me.

I would thoroughly recommend Martyn for his services and tenacity to get the job completed"

Eva Weisbrod